Lightvert Makes a Splash in Page 3 of The Times

Did you happen to flick through a copy of The Times yesterday? If so, you may have noticed the sizable Lightvert coverage on page 3. After just a few days into our campaign, we’re very happy to know that we’re turning heads…

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive coverage over the last few days alone, making headlines in crowdfunding, out-of-home advertising and tech publications alike.

However, being featured so prominently in one of the UK’s most-read broadsheets proves that Lightvert, and particularly our ECHO technology, is seen as highly innovative far beyond such specific circles of interest.

You can read the article online,  (Pay Wall)

We’re already over 25% funded with over £180,000 invested, and have hit the 100+ investor mark.

Here’s to an exciting start to our campaign!