About Lightvert

Lightvert is a digital out of home media technology company.  Our first product, ECHO, is a revolutionary new type of Digital Outdoor Advertising display hardware.  

With ECHO, advertisers can display the world's largest digital outdoor images without the need for the world's largest billboard.  

Lightvert will own and operate a portfolio of ECHO installations throughout the MENA, EU and North America regions as well as license the technology into other regional markets.

ECHO is a persistence of vision display technology, with a revolutionary, low profile form allowing ECHO hardware to be installed in new high value advertising locations totally inaccessible to traditional outdoor screen media. Please visit our ECHO Technology page for further information on how this innovative and highly disruptive new technology works. 

We at Kinetic believe that Lightvert and their ECHO product has the potential to be transformative within the DOOH market. The first phase will disrupt, opening up a new innovative advertising medium to the market, which will then scale to become a new channel in itself. Lightvert has already begun to wow clients and we look forward to working with them in the coming months to bring this innovation to market.
— Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation & Head of Kinetic Active


To date, Lightvert has achieved a great deal including:

  • Securing £250,000 of grant funding through the Innovate UK SMART grant programme.
  • Securing system level patent filings throughout North America, Europe and the APAC regions.
  • Built several proof of concept systems generating images up to 30 meters tall and have privately demonstrated these systems to media and advertising agencies.
  • Completed a full preliminary review of health and safety and planning permissions revealing no significant barriers to commercialisation of the technology.
  • Completed all ECHO research and development. 

We are currently working to close our seed funding round which will cover the manufacture and commercialisation of the first commercial unit within 12 months of closing the funding round.  Please visit our Investment page for further details. 

“Lightvert is an innovative and pioneering new outdoor media that will create a great impact and unique brand experiences.”
— Matt Gee - Head of Digital Transformations at Isobar


WHY lightvert's ECHO display technology IS REVOLUTIONARY

ECHO technology is truly revolutionary in the market place, not only because it is a wholly new medium, but also for the following three reasons:

  1. ECHO technology, through its unique form factor and reduced planning permission barriers, can be installed in new, high-value locations where traditional screen media cannot go.
  2. ECHO images can be generated up to 200m tall; making ECHO digital outdoor images some of the largest in the world.
  3. ECHO hardware costs less to manufacture than traditional screen media and represents an extremely high value proposition to brand advertisers renting for less than half the monthly cost of premier screen media.

the lightvert team

Daniel Siden - Lightvert CEO

Daniel Siden - Lightvert CEO

Daniel Siden - Founder - CEO

Daniel is an engineer, designer and entrepreneur specialising in lighting technologies and products.  As a founding director of Haberdashery, Daniel has been working extensively with the persistence of vision display medium for more than 10 years and has successfully deployed small scale ECHO systems for temporary and permanent display around the world.

Daniel consistently delivered strong business and technology development throughout his 15 year career of designing and engineering products. Originally from San Francisco, Daniel received is B.S.M.E from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, and his MA in Industrial Design Engineering from The Royal College of Art in London. He has won the National Endowment for Science Technology and Art - Creative Pioneer award and hold a Diploma of Imperial College London for Engineering.  LinkedIn

Mike Wellings - Lightvert Commercial Director

Mike Wellings - Lightvert Commercial Director

Mike Wellings - Founder - Commercial Director

Mike is a seasoned executive combining creativity with strong global business acumen. Mike is one of three founders of Lightvert and is responsible for guiding the company through fund raising, structuring, market share and revenue growth. Mike’s background is as a senior executive at Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Kleinwort Benson, with 9 of the last 20 years spend in Hong Kong. Mike co- founded and exited Winslow Group Holdings, an Eastern European real estate business, involved with residential and commercial property development in joint venture with Deutsche Bank Asset Management, renewable Energy development in joint venture with General Electric Energy and agricultural land ownership and farming.  LinkedIn

Christopher Jenkins - Lightvert CFO

Christopher Jenkins - Lightvert CFO

Christopher Jenkins, FCA - Founder - Financial director

Christopher Jenkins FCA is Finance Director and a Co-founder of Lightvert. His role is to manage the budgeting, reporting and general financial management of the business during its initial start-up and early growth phase.  His background is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship: in 1983 he founded Ecovis Wingrave Yeats, an Award-winning Firm of Chartered Accountants of which he is presently a senior Partner. His specialism is offering strategic advice to owner-managed Media businesses. He has been voted ‘Best Business Advisor of the Year’ by the CBI in their awards for Growing Businesses. Interestingly, he has also worked outside the Profession previously holding positions as Managing Director of a Wholesale Bookseller and as Finance Director of Soho House Ltd. Christopher has written extensively for the business press. He is (still) an oarsman, having rowed in the British Eight in the 1979 Junior World Championships.  LinkedIn


Michael Sollinger - Laser imaging Systems lead engineer

Michael is the founder of LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH. Based in Berlin, Michael has grown Laser Animation over the last  30 years to be a recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of laser projection hardware and systems and tools for professional laser applications on any scale. Laser Animation places special emphasis on the development and manufacturing of compact, mobile, high performance and high reliability.  LaserAnimation


Ian Anderson - Planning advisor
Sr. Director at Cushman Wakefield 

Ian is a qualified Town Planner and senior director at Cushman & Wakefield.  Ian’s exposure to consultancy work has covered a diverse range of projects on a national basis for a wide range of public and private sector bodies. His expertise is however development focused, having represented developers and other key property stakeholders/operators through the planning process. Ian is proficient in a wide range of planning and development consultancy related work with a particular focus on mixed-use, retail, leisure and residential development. LinkedIn