Lightvert is a radical new dimension in digital Out of home advertising.

This is exciting. Technology that frees up the mind to new creative possibilities has to be a good thing.
— Simon Dicketts, Executive Creative Director of M&C Saatchi

Lightvert Ltd. is a digital out of home (DOOH) media technology company.

In the DOOH market, advertising value is driven by two factors: Size and Location. Our first product, ECHO, is a hyper-scale digital outdoor display system based upon the persistence of vision effect.  With ECHO we can produce digital outdoor images up to 200m tall making ECHO image some of the largest digital outdoor advertising images in the world.  

ECHO hardware, with its incredibly small footprint, can lower planning permission barriers and thus unlock vast amount of new, high value advertising real-estate and viewer engagement totally unavailable to traditional screen media. See our technology section for further details.

Having completed all the R&D for the ECHO technology (see above images) as well as all system level patent filings, Lightvert is actively raising seed stage investment.

“I am sure that the uniqueness of the concept would offer both a very exciting opportunity to building owners, alongside the potential for an added value income stream.”
— Ian Anderson - Senior Director Planning and Development
“I believe that Lightvert will provide a strong value proposition to the medium and high rise property market.”
— Jonathan Holmes - Director of UK Investments